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What We Offer

At 3 Creek Ranch we offer several Types of lessons. Individual instruction, Follow-up sessions, Clinics and playing lessons are all part of our program. We can customize any type of lesson plan to fit your needs and schedule. Before any instruction is given, we will take some time to fill out our Student evaluation form. We will also discuss some goals that you wish to achieve, and the reason that you are taking the lesson. This is what I call teaching and learning with a purpose.

Learning to swing a golf club is no different from learning any other motor skill. During each lesson we will work on one or two things at the most. Many times a student will have good success with some drills during the first part of a lesson and think that they "have it" and they want to move to something else. We won't do this, as it will only do more harm than good. An example of this would be like building a house and trying to put the roof on before the walls are finished. We will continue to do repetitive drills so that you are sure to learn the specific thing that we are working on. Please understand that learning to play golf or to make changes in your golf swing takes time. There really are no shortcuts and if you try shortcuts or "tips of the week" you are most likely taking the longer route. I will teach you the proper fundamental skills that will last a lifetime. But again, and I stress, it takes time and repetitive practice.

What to Expect

Individual lessons last approximately 1 hour. We will use some if not all of our resources and equipment during our lessons. This could include The V1 Teaching System along with the High Speed Casio Video Camera, The Trackman System, Sam Puttlab, AMM 3D analysis etc. etc. As stated above we will only work on one or two things during the lesson. If we are working on your longer shots we will most likely break the lesson up in to two segments. We will work on the long game for approximately 30 minutes and then we will switch to the short game. Again not to be repetitive but in learning a motor skill we need to break it up into parts. Working on the fundamentals in the short game is one of the fastest ways to help the long game. If you can't do it with a short shot, it is virtually impossible to do it in a long shot.

Why Take Lessons?

There is a very old saying in golf when it comes to golf instruction. That saying is "It's a long way from the Practice tee to the First tee". That simply means that many students can do what they are trying to do on the practice tee but they have a hard time taking it to the course. There are several reasons for that. On the practice tee you are hitting golf balls working on certain parts of your game. You have a perfect lie every time and your stance is always level. If you hit a bad shot you are able to rake another ball over and try again and again until you get a satisfying result.

Also, you are not keeping score as you are hitting away on the practice tee. You are most likely using the same club over and over again. The point of this is to make you realize that when you are at the practice tee you are practicing your swing and your skills. At some point in every golfer's career, they realize that practicing and playing are two different things. When you go to the first tee you go there to play golf. When you tee the ball up to play, all of a sudden things are much different. In fact everything changes including the way things look. What I mean is at the practice tee everything is "wide open". On the first tee box things are much different in that there is a definite target (the fairway) and there are real obstacles that we are trying to avoid (the rough, bunkers etc. etc.). Even the distance to the fairway from the tee box is alarming to many players. If you really think about it, this alone, changes ones complete mindset. Students go from "free swinging'' at the practice tee to the first tee where it's the real deal with no "do overs". The objective even changes. As we are now trying to get the ball in the hole in as few strokes as possible. This is where Vision54 and playing lessons on the course can be really helpful. After all, the course is where it matters and it is important to be able to take what you have learned in practice out on the course.

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